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A. School District Organization

Code Adopted Description
AA 01/14/1980 Forward
AAB   08/11/1997 Philosophy of Education (Vision and Mission)
ABCA 02/08/2010 School Board Organization/method of Election
ABCDA   06/10/1996  Board member Election filing Unexpired term 
AC   02/08/2010  School and Facility Organization Plan  
AE   02/08/2010   School Year 
AF  02/08/2010    School Day 



B. School Board Operations


Code Adopted Description
BBA 03/08/2010 Board Officers
BBBC 03/08/2010 Board Member Development Opportunities
BBBE 03/08/2010 Board Member Compensation and Expenses
BBE 03/08/2010 School Attorney
BBF 05/10/2010 Local School Council
BCAC 05/10/2010 Special Board Meetings
BCBA 03/08/2010 Regular Board Meetings
BCBD  03/08/2010  Board Meeting Agenda 
BCBG  11/15/1995 Voting Method 
BCBK   03/08/2010   Executive Sessions 
BCBK-E   08/09/1999  BOE Affidavit 
BD  11/13/1995  Policy Development & Adoption 
BDBC   06/12/2000  Community Involvement in Policy Development 
BE   03/08/2010  School Board Records 
BH   01/10/2011   Board Code of Ethics 
BHA   01/10/2011  Board Member Conflict of Interest 

C. General School Administration


Code Adopted Description
CD 05/10/2010 Line and Staff Procedures
CEA 05/10/2010 Superintendent Qualifications
CEB 05/10/2010 Superintendent Duties
CF 05/10/2010 Board Superintendent Relations
CGD 05/10/2010 Administrative Personnel Hiring
CGI  05/10/2010 Administrative Personnel Evaluation
CGJ 05/10/2010 Organization Chart
CGK  05/10/2010  Tenture 
CMB  05/10/2010   Administration Policy Absence
CN  05/10/2010  Records Management 

D. Fiscal Management


Code Adopted Description
DA 05/10/2010 Goals and Objectives
DC 05/10/2010 Annual Operating Budget
DCB 05/10/2010 Tax-Exempt Debt
DCC 05/10/2010 Budget Preliminary Adoption Procedures
DCE  05/10/2010 Final Adoption Procedures
DCL 05/13/2010 Fund Balance 
DFA 05/10/2010 Local Tax Revenues
DFD  05/10/2010  Bond Sales 
DFE   09/01/1971  Short Terms 
DFK   05/10/2010   Gifts and Bequests  
DFM  11/14/2005  Interoperability and Redeployment Procedures 
DH   05/10/2001  Bonded Employees 
DIB  04/11/2011  Capitalization for Fixed Assets Accounting 
DIC  05/30/2012   Inventories 
DJD   05/10/2010  Expense Reimbursements 
DJE   05/10/2010  Purchasing 
DJED  05/10/2010   Bids and Quotations 
DJEF  12/2009   Purchase Orders 
DK  05/10/2010   Student Activities Funds Management  
DO  05/10/2010    Student Properties Disposal Procedures 

E. Business Management

Code Adopted Description
EB 06/14/2010 Building and Grounds Management
EBB 06/14/2010 Safety
EBBC 06/14/2010 Emergency
ED 06/14/2010 Student Transportation Management
EDCB 06/14/2010 Bus Conduct
EE  06/14/2010 Food Service Management
EEA 06/14/2010 Free and Reduced Food Service 
EEE   07/09/2007  Wellness Policy 
EG  06/14/2010 Insurance Management  

F. Facility Expansion Program


Code Adopted Description
FDBA  06/14/2010 Existing Facilities Inventory
FDC 03/04/2011 Naming of Facilities
FFF 06/14/2010 State Loans and Grants
FHA 06/14/2010 Board Inspection and Acceptance 


G. Personnel


Code Adopted Description
GAA 10/11/2010 Equal Opportunity Employment
GAD  10/11/2010 Professional learning Opportunities
GAE(1) 10/11/2010 Complaints and Grievances Procedures
GAE(2) 10/11/2010 Complaints and Grievances - Certified Personnel
GAEB 10/11/2010
Staff Protection
GAEB  10/11/2010 Harassment 
GAK  10/11/2010 Fingerprinting/Criminal Records Clerk
GAMA 10/11/2010 Drug Free Workplace 
GAN  10/11/2010 Tobacco Use
GANA  10/11/2010 Communicable Diseases
GBA 10/11/2010 Professional Personnel Compensation Guides and Contracts
GBB  10/11/2010 Professional Personnel Positions
GBB(1)  10/11/2010 Community Coaches
GBC  10/11/2010 Professional Personnel Recruitment
GBD  10/11/2010 Professional Personnel Hiring
GBE 10/11/2010 Professional Personnel Assignments
GBI   10/11/2010  Professional Personnel Evaluations 
GBJ(1)  11/14/1994  Perfect Attendance Employees 
GBK 10/11/2010  Professional Personnel Separation 
GBN  10/11/2010  Professional Personnel Suspension 
GBO  10/11/2010  Professional Personnel Resignation 
GBRC  10/11/2010   Professional Personnel Work Schedule 
GBRCA  10/11/2010   Professional Personnel Duty Free Lunch 
GBRI 06/2000 Leaves & Absences
GBRIA  07/14/1997 Leaves & Absences - Jury Duty/Voting 
GBRIC  10/11/2010    Leaves & Absences - Maternity and Temporary Disabilities 
GBRID  10/11/2010     Personnel Military Leave 
GBRIF  07/14/1994  Leaves & Absences - Bereavement  
GBRIG  11/14/1994  Leaves & Absences - Family and Medical Leave 
GBRIH  05/09/2005  Professional Personnel Vacation
GBRJ  10/11/2010 Arrangement for Substitutes  
GBRJA  10/11/2010  Substitute Teacher Pay  
GBU  10/11/2010  Employee Ethics 
GCD  10/11/2010  Classified Personnel Positions & Hiring 
GCI   10/11/2010  Classified Personnel Evaluation  
GCK  10/11/2010  Classified Personnel Suspension  
GCN  10/11/2010   Classified Personnel Separation 
GCQ  10/11/2010  Classified Personnel Retirement 
GCRA  10/11/2010 Classified Personnel Health Examination 
GCRA (1) 10/11/2010  Drug Screening of Bus Drivers
GCRG   10/11/2010   Classified Personnel Leaves & Absences 
GCAB  05/14/2007  Employment of Paraprofessional  
GKBA  02/08/2010  Reduction in Force  

I. Instructional Program

Code Adopted Description
IC 02/13/2012 Curriculum Development
IDA 03/12/2012 Basic Program of Instruction
IDAA 02/13/2012 Vocational Education
IDAG 06/12/2000 Character Education
IDB 02/13/2012 Comprehensive Health and Physical Education Program Plan
IDBA 12/13/1993 Sex Education
IDCA 02/13/2012 Summer School Programs
IDCE  02/13/2012 Dual and Joint Enrollment 
IDDB  02/13/2012  Remedial Education 
IDDC  02/13/2012  Hospital/Homebound 
IDDD  02/13/2012   Gifted Education 
IDE(1)  02/13/2012   Competitive Interscholastic Activities Grades 9-12 
IDE(2)   11/1992  Competitive Interscholastic Activities Grades 6-8 
IDF    02/13/2012   Interscholastic Activities 
IDF(1)  02/13/2012  No Pass/No Participate  
IDFA  02/13/2012  Equity in Sports 
IED   07/14/1997  Scheduling Instructional Time 
IEDA  11/14/2005  Unstructured Break Time 
IFAA  02/13/2012  Textbook Selection and Adoption 
IFBD  02/13/2012   Media Programs 
IFBG  02/13/2012  Internet Acceptable Use 
IFBGC  02/13/2012   Employee Computer and Internet Use  
IFCB  05/12/1997 Field Trips, Excursion 
IGB   02/13/2012    Response to Intervention/Student Support Team 
IHA  02/13/2012    Statewide Passing Score 
IHE 10/15/2012  Promotion/Placement/Retention 
IHF(4)  08/09/1999  Graduation Requirements 160-4-2-.46 (1997-98 forward)   
IHF(5)   02/13/2012  Graduation Requirements 160-4-2-.47 (2002-03 forward)  
IHF(6)    07/01/2008  Graduation Requirements 160-4-2-.48 (2007-08 forward) 
IHG   02/13/2012  Graduation Participation 
IKB   02/13/2012   Controversial Issues  
IKD   02/13/2012  School Ceremonies & Observances  
IKDA   02/13/2012  Flag Display 

J. Students


Code Adopted Description
JAA 06/11/2012 Equal Educational Opportunities
JAA(1) 06/11/2012

Equal Educational Opportunities - Students Rights&Procedural Safeguards

JBB 06/07/2007 Entrance Age
JBC 03/12/2012 School Admissions, Transfer & Withdrawals
JBC(1) 02/08/2010 Homeless Students
JBC(2) 03/12/2012 Transfer of Credits - Home Study
JBC(3) 11/13/2006 Residence Requirement/Tuition/Transfer
JBC(4)  03/12/2012  Transfer of Credits
JBCCA(2)  03/12/2012  Unsafe School Choice 
JBD  03/12/2012  Student Absences & Excuses 
JBF   03/12/2012  Early Release  
JCDA  06/12/2000  Student Behavior and Code of Conduct 
JCDA(1)  12/12/2011 Bullying 
JCDAB  03/12/2012  Student Drug and Alcohol Use 
JCDAD  03/12/2012  Student Bus Conduct 
JCDAE  06/10/1996  Weapons in School 
JCDAG  12/09/2002  Communication Devices 
JCDAH  05/13/1995  Book-bags 
JDA  03/12/2012 Corporal Punishment 
JDE   03/12/2012 Expulsion 
JDEB  03/12/2012  Student Tribunal Hearings 
JDF  03/12/2012  Teacher Removal of Student from Classroom 
JGC  03/12/2012  Student Health Services 
JGCB  03/12/2012   Inoculations & Health Exams 
JGCC  03/12/2012  Infectious Diseases 
JGCD  11/14/2005  Medicines 
JGF  03/12/2012  Student Safety 
JGF(2)  03/12/2012  Seclusion or Restraint of Students 
JGFA  03/12/2012  Emergency Preparedness 
JGFC  12/04/1995  Student Release to Non-custodial Parent 
JGI  03/12/2012   Child Abuse and Neglect 
JHC   03/12/2012   Student Organizations 
JK  03/12/2012  Fund Raising
JR  03/12/2012  Student Record 
JS  01/13/1992  Student Fees, Fines and Charges 

K. General Public Relations


Code Adopted Description
KB 02/13/2012 News Release
KCA 02/13/2012 Public Participation in BOE
KG 02/13/2012 Use of School Facilities
KM 02/13/2012 Visitors to School
KN  02/13/2012 Complaints
KNBA 02/13/2012 Instructional Materials Complaint


L. Interorganizational Relations


Code Adopted Description
LEB 02/13/2012 Parents Organizations Parent Involvement in Education
LEBA 02/13/2012 Parental Involvement in Education


M. Relations with Other Education Agencies


Code Adopted Description
MFB 02/13/2012 Student Teacher and Internship
MI  02/13/2012 Philosophy of Education

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